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 Varewell Dalmatians was established in 1990 with the birth of our first litter, but started showing in 1983 with first a male and then bitch from the Retma Dalmatian Kennels.  My aim is to breed quality Dalmatians that can successfully compete in any dog sport with their combination of beauty, sound structure and keen minds.  Breeding a litter only every few years, the time spent planning each litter has resulted in Australian Champion winners from every litter. 


"Sasha", Supreme Champion Varewell Crystal Bloom ET JC CA, born March 2014 went on to win hearts & ribbons in 2014, gaining her Australian Champion Title at 9 months.  In 2015, at just 14 months she won BEST EXHIBIT IN SHOW at the 15th National Dalmatian Specialty Show.  Sasha has gone on to ALL BREEDS BEST IN SHOW wins in 2016, 2017 and 2019.  She has started enjoying competing in lure coursing and in 2019 attained her Endurance Title.

"Bliss", Champion Varewell Black Orchid JC, born March 2020 Bliss is from the first litter from "Sasha".  Bliss started her show career in late 2020 and is following her mothers success with multiple Best Exhibit in Group awards and a Runnerup to Best Exhibit in Show (all breeds).  Bliss took immediately to lure coursing and was awarded her Junior Courser Title in 2021 and is well on her way to her Coursing Ability Title.


In late 2016 the Varewell Dalmatians took on a new sport, taking advantage of the Dalmatians natural instincts to run, run and run!  "Sasha" and "Gem" attained their Junior Courser Titles in late 2016 and "Sasha" attained her Coursing Ability Title in 2018.  In 2019 "Sasha" went on to attain her Endurance Title.  She finished the 20 km run so easily I think she wanted to go again!  In 2022 "Bliss" will be competing for her Coursing Ability Title.

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